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Spiekermann House Numbers by Stewf, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License by  Stewf

Some songs are more popular than others, and some are harder to find than others. Sometimes you have to buy an entire disc full of songs you already have to get just that song. So my library of tango music has a lot of duplicates. And more, is there a word like elevenicates?

So the most popular songs are probably available on a lot of records, I figured, and out of curiosity, I checked which were the most popular in my collection, this is for all songs that I have the recording date (from The ten most available songs in my library are:

     11 1944-08-29 Soñar y nada más Alfredo De Angelis
     10 1942-09-02 Pedacito de cielo Miguel Caló
      9 1944-08-23 Saludos Miguel Caló
      9 1941-11-21 Del tiempo guapo Aníbal Troilo
      8 1944-07-07 Sans souci Miguel Caló
      8 1942-12-14 Barrio de tango Aníbal Troilo
      8 1941-06-17 Milongueando en el cuarenta Aníbal Troilo
      8 1938-07-14 Reliquias porteñas Francisco Canaro
      7 1947-08-19 Romance de barrio Aníbal Troilo
      7 1947-04-29 Flor de lino Aníbal Troilo

If I disregard the recording date, the list is more or less the same, counting only title gives most popular song ever, regardless of orchestra:

     11 Soñar y nada más
     10 Pobre flor
     10 Pedacito de cielo
      9 Saludos
      9 Del tiempo guapo
      8 Sans souci
      8 Reliquias porteñas
      8 Milongueando en el cuarenta
      8 La yumba
      8 Barrio de tango

Finally, the most popular song, counting recordings by different orchestras once (giving the number of “covers”:

    23 La cumparsita
     11 A media luz
      9 Quejas de bandoneón
      9 Alma de bohemio
      8 El entrerriano
      8 Desde el alma
      7 Inspiración
      7 El once (A divertirse)
      7 Cuando llora la milonga

Not surprisingly, La cumparsita on the top of this list, with 23 orchestras doing a version.

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