Top 40

2009 January 11
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by Simba

Top 40
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License by  Ger Audrey

I loved the think top 40 part of Alex’ rant after attending a festival. The dj should think hits, hits and more hits to please the dancers. And maybe throw in a little surprise. Not all the time, but we need a little variation. But in general, play the good stuff. People are not interested in you digging up some weird music that you think maybe will work for tango. We know what works for tango. It’s not that hard.

Tango works for tango.

Of course, we need some variation, but it should all be good, danceable tango music. And another connotation of top 40 is that the tango was broadly speaking at the top in the forties. So it is excellent advice for the tango dj.

Some people seem to think they should select music among the top 40 charts of today, but that music is not made for dancing tango to, and  – well it just doesn’t work. It seems to have been established as some kind of rule that “alternative” music may be played at the end of the night? Why would that be, to make me go home early? Tango music seems to be something of an aquired taste, and generally many beginners like the “alternative tango music” which should rather be labeled non-tango music. Which is ok of course, in a non-milonga environment. Beginners come early and leave early. Why play the trash in the end of the night?

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  1. 2010 May 28

    Love that…’hits, hits, and more hits.’ Too true. Plus when you go to a milonga, especially if you have traveled a long ways to get there, you want to dance not shake your head at the random, quirky choosings of some random dj that is doing it because no one else wanted to. I want the expected with a few wows thrown in.

  2. 2010 May 30

    True. Treat the poor guy nice, though. I have a feeling many djs started out where he is now: doing it because nobody else wants to…

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