Keine komische Musik

2009 January 6
by Simba

That String Sure is Silly. by emurray, on Flickr
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I was warned once in a milonga in Central Europe: We have to dance now, this is milonga, he won’t play much of it. Later there will only be komische Musik (comical music).

This is the best excuse I have ever heard for asking someone (me) to dance! And she was right. The dj had no clue whatsoever and played a lot of — well, komische Musik. Including cha cha cha, don’t ask me what I was supposed to do when that suddenly came on.  The dancers were good though, which was why I came, I met them the night before.  So I made the best out of it.

And adopted it as my slogan as a dj. Keine komische Musik.

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  1. 2009 January 6

    At least he played some good music during the night. More than once I’ve got up to dance to Sunday-papers-free-tango-collection-of-the-70s rubbish in desperation and out of fear that the night may end before it begins.

  2. 2009 January 6

    Yes, that’s right. I shouldn’t be so negative, I know 😉 It didn’t last for long, though…

  3. 2009 January 7
    Tanguerjho permalink

    You translate “komische Musik” with comical music. Isn’t it rather “strange music” or “weird music”, especially considering that it is not comical that he is playing it?

  4. 2009 January 8

    Thank you for your comment. I agree it’s not an accurate translation. I am not a native speaker, but I would think that all three could be valid translations, and I kept the original phrase as it is richer in meaning (or more ambiguous if you like). For the night in mention, I would say that all three apply 😛 (strange, weird, even comical) 😀

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