Tango magazines -- preparing for Buenos Aires

Some of our students are going to Buenos Aires tomorrow. Oh the memories…

I made sure they were equipped with the latest editions of El tangauta and B.A. Tango, giving a good overview over the happenings in November and December. They were always hard to get, even if they are given away for free, it could easily take a couple of weeks before we got hold of an issue. Now, they are available online, and one can prepare for the first week at home or on the plane down there.

I really wish I could be at Canning and see Cristhian and Samantha’s performance on Friday Thursday… And Thursday the 27th is a tough one: Andrea y Javier in one milonga, Orquesta Típica Sans Souci and performance by Fabian Peralta y Virginia Pandolfi in another. And Niño Bien, of course. Well, ain’t I lucky that will not have to choose…

To prepare for Buenos Aires or just to keep en eye on what’s going on down there:

  • El tangauta

  • B.A. Tango: Send an email to abatango@yahoo.com with the subject line “Suscripción” or “Subscription” and you will receive each number as a pdf file, both the colour magazine and the quarterly guide.

  • 2xtango online magazine (RSS)

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