Salón Canning

Salón Canning

I realize that the guys at Movement invites movement are not afraid of provocation, but I think they suffer a tiny bit from a syndrome often associated with Gringos, shooting from the waist.

In their rant abot Canning,  they fail to recognize a few important reasons Canning has such an important position. Aside from being one of the very best floors in the city (maybe the very best), it attracts many excellent dancers. Both local and visitors. Both traditional and nuevo.

It also happens to be the one milonga that stayed open during the dirty war when tango dancing in effect was prohibited in Argentina. This is probably part of the reason why it is indeed the famous Canning.

In addition, I believe Parakultural, the organizer on Mondays and Fridays was one of the first in the revival of tango 10-15 years ago, and this is why these days are among the most popular at Canning.

That being said, Parakultural may be a victim of its own success, and the most busy hours, it can be practically impossible to get around the dance floor. It only takes one couple to ruin the flow of an entire floor, and when the floor is packed, well, you get stuck. It usually gets better later in the night after most of the turistas go home ;-)

Nevertheless, for us who enjoy walking and good rotation on the dance floor, the milongas out of the centre may be a better alternative. Sigh. If only I were there too…

Photo: julianrod@flickr, CC-licensed

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