Lágrima Ríos & Candombe

I just love the name! Lágrima Ríos is a wonderful artistic name, Rivers of tears..  Re tango, no?

La Perla Negra del Tango

My attention was brought to some of her recordings by Michael’s music blog, discussing some available recordings of hers. Luckily, I was able to find them both at emusic for instant satisfaction :-) She is featured in the film Café de los maestros, which I have not yet been able to get hold of (but will eventually!), but there was something familiar, I thought. And yes there was:

She is also featured in the documentary Candombe. If Café de maestros is the Buena Vista Social Club of tango, then this must be the one for the Candombe. As you will know if you have been in San Telmo on a Sunday evening, the candombe culture is alive in Buenos Aires today. You hear the drums far away, and in the winter darkness it can be a bit scary for the newcomer.

The film is based on the candombe culture of Montevideo in Uruguay, and we meet people from different parts of the culture, drum makers, singers, drummers etc. It is very charming, and even if I have never been to Montevideo, it all felt very familiar, giving away the close relationship between the two cities. I got it on DVD at Zival’s I believe, and it comes with a CD! Recommended to fill in on the black origins/parts of tango culture.

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