The ideal

The previous post about Confiteria Ideal reminded me of the first visit to Buenos Aires back in 2001. This was before YouTube, remember, and there was lots of rumors about everything, and not so much tango information available on the web.

Being interested in architecture as well as in tango, trying to find the location for a scene in the film Tango by Carlos Saura, we were told by someone that we should go to one of the oldest milongas in Buenos Aires, yes our source believed it would be the same milonga that was pictured in the movie.

We stayed in San Telmo, and this was before the crisis in 20012002, so being students we really went on a shoestring budget. So we decided to take the bus. And asked the bus driver with our non-existing spanish to tell us where to go off the bus.  The bus drive took something like an hour, and we were dropped out in the middle of the street. Trying to find this milonga in the neighborhood of Villa Urquiza we found a nice baldaquin, leading into… - a baseball court. With no people, only the waiters.

Some disappointment.

Coming into the infamous Sunderland milonga, a few ours early, this was far from what we expected. Since then, we have learnt, of course, but expectations and reality can make some impact.

This would be the milonga at Sunderland (with excellent dancers Roxana & Sebastián:

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